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Highten Traders began trading in February 2013. We are a fairly young Jamaican based entity that saw the need in the local Supplies Industry for premium, customized procurement services. 

As such, our goal is to build a small elite portfolio of carefully selected clients who are able to capitalize on the benefits of procuring quality products at optimum costs.

Thereby, in addition to the cost benefits, securing the reputations of both the seller and consumer alike.We realize that in the Supplies Field, reliability is of vital importance, not only in the cost saving benefits, but also in the growth of the businesses of both the seller and buyer.

Every buyer in the supplies chain would like to know that he can call his supplier and feel certain that the supplier is responsible enough, to make that delivery, even if it means jumping on the last flight from Jamaica to Miami and be back on the first one out the following day. 
Therefore, as our motto says: "We give more than you expect" and we mean that sincerely, no matter the cost.
It is our view that costs can easily be recovered. However, it is probably ten times as hard to recover a client, and other potential clients he will take with him. So we strongly believe in the old industry adage of: Supplying the "Right Item, at the Right Time in the Right Condition". This is no idle talk, because even though the Business itself is young, the founder has worked in the supplies industry for many years and has in his repertoire perhaps the most invaluable asset that makes him qualified to deliver, and that is, a well established network.  With over 35 years experience in the local supplies industry, our chief sales person and CEO, Evon Brown can be described as a pioneer in the young, modern supplies industry in Jamaica.  He is soft spoken, casual and easy going. However, don't  be deceived by this. He made his contribution in the public sector, where he worked with a government agency helping, in is own unique way, to improve the efficiency of the procurement workflow.

evonsnr-cannon-pic.jpg   He helped to foster the recognition of supplies management as a vital part of modern organizations, and placing it firmly on the organization chart. While working in the aviation industry, he single-handedly conceived, designed and eventually implemented the transition from the inefficient book based procurement system being used in most government agencies at the time, to a fully functional digital online system. Which, despite all the advancing technology, is still being used today at the agency where he worked. This  attests to the profound manner in which he completes a project.

As our name implies, we leave warehousing operations to persons who operate warehouses and concentrate on procuring and getting our clients' orders to them satisfactorily. Consequently, we operate from our office at Sirus Avenue, in beautiful Harbour View, minutes away from the airport, downtown Kingston and Half Way Tree.

We trade mainly in office furniture, computer supplies and books & stationery .However, we procure any item, especially those that are hard to find. Just call Highten, we will get it to you. Currently, we are able to offer the best prices for Genuine HP Toner Cartridges and Inks. We normally deliver within hours of receiving an order. As a result, we have in our clientele loyal customers that operate on the cutting edge and who require not only cost benefits, but very high standards of reliability and trust. So far, we have been providing these features satisfactorily.